Product Name: I Am Not A Dinosaur!
Product ID: PA2003002

If you are as much of a dinosaur nut as we are, then you know the frustration. You open a dinosaur book or find it in a box of dinosaur toys. Dimetrodon! We know dimetrodon is not a dinosaur, its a synapsid (a pelycosaur to be exact) and is distantly related to mammals, yet we always find it listed along with the dinosaurs. Well, finally we had enough and created the I AM NOT A DINOSAUR! t-shirt to help end the confusion. Now you too can help spread the word to the masses that dimetrodon is not a dinosaur.

Designs are printed on 100% cotton t-shirts and 50/50 cotton/polyester sweatshirts.

Please select your shirt style from the drop down list. Shirt prices are based on the style of shirt you want. Youth T-Shirt: $12.00 , Adult T-Shirt $15.00, Adult Long-sleeve: $18.00, and Adult Sweatshirt: $20.00.

Please select one color from the lights or darks color lists below. Adult and Youth T-shirts have the same color selection. For Long-sleeve shirts and Sweatshirts please select the color with either long-sleeve or sweatshirt after the color.

Please select the size of shirt you want to order. Shirts are available in Adult Small to 2XL and Youth Small to Large. Please contact us for pricing on shirts larger than 2XL

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