Product Name: Tyrannosaurs rex
Product ID: PA2003007

The tyrannt lizzard king, Tyrannosaurus rex, was the top predator of his age, and probably the best known dinosaur to have ever been dug out of the Montana badlands. Now you can show off this amazing dinosaur to others with this detailed skeletal rendition of this formidible animal. Whether you think Tyrannosaurus was a fierce predator, cunning scavanger, or both, this design is for you.

Designs are printed on 100% cotton t-shirts and 50/50 cotton/polyester sweatshirts.

Please select your shirt style from the drop down list. Shirt prices are based on the style of shirt you want. Youth T-Shirt: $12.00 , Adult T-Shirt $15.00, Adult Long-sleeve: $18.00, and Adult Sweatshirt: $20.00.

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