Product Name: Pterosaurs are not Dinosaurs
Product ID: 20120009

Along with my rant and feelings about the confusion over the fact the people still confuse dimetrodon as a dinosaur is the fact that many people still think that Pterosaurs (flying reptiles) are dinosaurs! Sure, Pterosaurs are really cool (like dinosaurs) and they lived during hte Mesozoic Era (like dinosaurs), but that does not make them dinosaurs!

If you share my pain, then it's time to share this simple magnet with the world to make sure the record is set straight. Pterosaurs do not equal dinosaur. It's a simple concept, and maybe with continued education, and posting of these magnets in conspicuous places will help get the message across. Magnet is 3.5 x 2 inches in size. Perfect for refrigerators or cubicles.

Price: $2.50


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