Product Name: Canis dirus
Product ID: 20120012

This Paleo-Notecard features a beautiful illustration of a Dire Wolf in motion. Canis dirus (the dire wolf) was one of the top predators in the Pleistocene.

Yeah, maybe sending notes via the paleo-mail (i.e. the postal service) is as extinct as the dinosaurs, but that shouldn't stop you from purchasing these beautifully illustrated Paleo-Notecards. Pretty enough to hang as art, or use them for their designed purpose and actually send somebody a hand-written note. (Thouh we recommend you send them an email or Tweet first to let them know it's coming, otherwise they might have a heart attack when they get some 'real' mail.)

All notecards are 4.25” x 5.5” in size and come with an envelope and are blank on the inside. Perfect for sending that perfect message vial the paleo-mail service.

Price: $2.00


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