Product Name: Dimetrodon
Product ID: 20120014

This Paleo-Notecard features a beautiful illustration of a Dimetrodon skeleton.

I think one of the things that ticks me off the most as a paleontologist and educator is the fact that even today, in the 21st century you find products, from books, to games, to toys, designed as being 'educational' that still have dimetrodon as a dinosaur! Dimetrodon was a pretty cool animal, but it was no dinosaur - not even close! Dimetrodon (Two Measures of Teeth) is a Synapsid and is more closely related to mammals than to dinosaurs.

If you share my annoyance that people still get this animal confused with the dinosaurs then show them their mistake by sending the offending person, company, corporation, educators, etc., this simple and educational note card. Maybe they'll get the idea and actually check out the science before putting their foot in their mouth. Someday the world will get the message, we can hope.

Yeah, maybe sending notes via the paleo-mail (i.e. the postal service) is as extinct as the dinosaurs, but that shouldn't stop you from purchasing these beautifully illustrated Paleo-Notecards. Pretty enough to hang as art, or use them for their designed purpose and actually send somebody a hand-written note. (Thouh we recommend you send them an email or Tweet first to let them know it's coming, otherwise they might have a heart attack when they get some 'real' mail.)

All notecards are 4.25” x 5.5” in size and come with an envelope and are blank on the inside. Perfect for sending that perfect message vial the paleo-mail service.

Price: $2.00


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