Product Name: Gem Cards
Product ID: TG0011

Everybody likes getting it, but randomly rolling dice on tables to tell a player that their character found a 25 gp garnet lacks panache and deflates the excitement faster than you can say percentile. But what if you could hand them the gem they just found?

Gem Cards were created for use with any RPG, in any setting and is the perfect resource for GMs. This set contains 50 unique gems to hand to your players. Hoard them, trade them, or pass them around without having to constantly refer to scribbles on a character sheet. The cards include an image of the card on one side with details about the gem on the other. There is even space where players can write notes in dry-erase marker.

This is the perfect accessory for the GM on the go. Gem Cards save time, make life for the GM easier, and enhances the gaming experience for the players.

Price: $9.95


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