Product Name: Chasmosaurus Coloring Puzzle
Product ID: AP2016001

Who doesn't enjoy putting a puzzle together? (Okay, maybe some people.) But I have always found putting puzzles together to be a relaxing and mentally stimulating activity. But why should you bother with those staid and boring puzzles where some nameless drone has already decided what the finished puzzle should look like. We have the solution! Our puzzles are printed so that once you put the puzzle together, you can color it yourself! Puzzles and coloring! What an amazing combination! Now you can decide how you want your finished puzzle to look once it is all together.

This puzzle features two bull Chasmosaurs in the rut, locking horns as they fight for dominance. The art for this puzzle was illustrated by Jason Poole and is one of the illutrations featured in A Dynasty of Dinosaurs coloring book.

The puzzle has 108 pieces and the finished size is 12" wide by 10" tall. 

Caution - not recommended for children under 3 to to the size of the pieces. 

Price: $10.00


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